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With CFA’s partnered eBooks & White Papers, you'll be able to access comprehensive coverage of the ABL, Factoring, Trade/Supply Chain Finance sectors world-wide.

E-Invoicing White Paper
Can the United States develop a standard, ubiquitous business to business (B2B) electronic invoice and processing platform? Explore the possibility by reading the U.S. Adoption of Electronic Invoicing: Challenges and Opportunities paper release by the Payment, Standards, and Outreach Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

The World Factoring Yearbook 2015
BCR Publishing are delighted to offer Commercial Finance Association members free e-book downloads. The World Factoring Yearbook has established a reputation as the most authoritative review of the global factoring industry, attracting renowned industry experts and senior practitioners from around the world as contributors covering every major global factoring market. 

Receivables Finance Technology 2016
BCR Publishing are delighted to offer Commercial Finance Association members free e-book downloads. Receivables Finance Technology 2016 features expert analysis from technology providers on the ever-changing nature of an industry that increasingly relies on digitization. This report provides advice on ways in which you should choose and implement an effective technology service, making it an essential and informative booklet for receivables finance providers who are looking to improve their offerings through technology.

World Supply Chain Finance Report 2016
BCR Publishing are delighted to offer Commercial Finance Association members free e-book downloads. The World Supply Chain Finance Report 2016 analyses markets from across the globe to give a comprehensive overview of developments in the supply chain finance market. using data and estimates from the end of 2015, this report suggests that the global supply chain finance market now totals up to €46 billion. Featuring specialist articles in addition to regional commentaries, this report also covers developments in areas such as reverse factoring and confirming, as well as regulatory issues.


CFA Resources 

  The Secured Lender  
The Secured Lender is devoted exclusively to the asset-based financial services and factoring industries. Readers look to The Secured Lender to keep them informed and current about everything related to commercial finance and now TSL is better than ever!

  CFA Deal Alert  
The industry's official list of ABL & factoring deals compiled by the Commercial Finance Association.

  CFA Service Providers  
CFA’s Service Provider Directory will allow you to easily find and contact the industry partners you need to optimize your company’s success.

  Industry Data   
The Commercial Finance Association provides indicators of industry activity in two ways. The CFA’s Annual Asset-Based Lending & Factoring Survey has measured year-to-year asset-based lending and factoring activity since 1976.

  CFA Knowledge Central  
CFA’s Knowledge Central is your starting point to find information or programs about a broad range of receivables, payables and inventory finance products.

  CFA YoPro!  
Connect industry-wide and network with industry leaders by getting involved in your career progression. Build industry-leading skills and get recognition for the contributions you make. Demonstrate your leadership potential by partnering with a mentor.


In 2013, the CFA Women in Commercial Finance Committee was formed in order to support women involved in asset-based lending and factoring.